About Us

Who We Are

The liwe Story

The founders of liwe are a diverse mix of Coders, Developers, Marketers and Investment Bankers, However one thing which connects all of them is a passion to problem solving. The idea of liwe and it’s name was hatched on a group hike in a nature reserve in Singapore while discussing some challenges of community living and how technology can solve them. Even though the hike took place in Singapore the hikers had a strong Sri Lankan link and the rest is as we say ‘ History’ or is it ‘future’. Will we stick to future !

Why liwe

Connecting Communities

When we first thought of liwe, we wanted to create a solution that put you, the customer or user, at the centre of everything we do. liwe was designed specifically to enrich people’s lives, especially households, and bring them together for all things amazing; no matter who they were, how old they were or what they like doing.

To help them organise, create, work, play, share, stay healthy but above all- liwe BETTER. We merged the words “live” and “we” because we believed the name embodies the future of living, here today. It conjures images of people liwing in Harmony. Community. Connection. Three things we could use much more of in the world in which we live.

Vision & Mission

The Journey We See

Life goes around in circles and every day is a story of evolution. Every day there is a newer or a better way of doing things. liwe wants to be part of that evolution, that journey our communities would make from where they are today and where they will be in future. We just want to keep on asking ourselves the question “Are we the part of the solution?”

Our Partners

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The Advisory Board

Dr Conny Boersch

Chairman - Advisory Board

Asad Sultan

General Partner

Love Yadav

General Partner

Jorge Perez Garcia

Venture Partner

The Core Team

Ramisha Karunaratne

Group Head of Operations, Risk & Compliance

Mafahir Fairoze

Chief Technology Officer

Viraj Adhihetty

User Experience Lead