For Residents

Your Condo,
Your Community.

liwe is a one stop hi tech solution for your condominium living right from smart access to the building to payment and billing solutions, to child security to visitor management. liwe creates limitless possibilities to manage your day to day life for seamless liwing. Read more to explore.

Online Onboarding

Effortless online onboarding will create your unique id and will replace your access card and make your wallet light.

Safety & Security

From entry and visitor management liwe gives condominium security a new paradigm.

Child Safety

Children are our life, liwe has created unique functionality to provide special security to your children.

SOS & Emergency

Emergency can strike anytime and anywhere, liwe’s unique SOS function takes a new look at how we deal with it.


All your household communication needs within and outside the condominium in one place.

Bills & Payment

All your payment needs at the click of the button in one liwe app.

Guests & Visitors

Register your visitors straight from your contact list and seamlessly invite them into your apartment.

Household Staff

Register them, take their attendance and make their monthly payment using liwe app.

Support Desk

Lock down or no lockdown your condominium management at your call with liwe.

Facilities & Services

Book and pay for the condominium facilities seamlessly on liwe app and get essential services at your fingertip.

Shopping & Delivery

Shop for groceries and other essentials and get them delivered safely with one single app.

Your Community

Find a buddy or use the chatterbox to discuss the matters important or sell your old stuff in the garage sale and pay for the.

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For Management

Manage Your Condo from One Location.

liwe provides condominium managers with an integrated platform to effortlessly navigate the tricky resident and management relationship starting from e noticeboards to payment and receivables dashboard, seamless account reconciliations, e facilities management, smart payroll systems, e-accounting to smart entry management. Read more to explore.

Analytic Dashboard

See your real time receivables and payables in a graphic form, liwe reminds you collections and sends auto reminders.

Online KYC

No need to chase new residents for KYC, its all at the fingertip.

Billing & Finance

Maintenance and utility bills generated and posted without intervention and payment collected online.


No more printing and posting all noticeboards on liwe.

Compound Security

All compound cameras linked to the liwe platform and management can view the live screens from anywhere.

Staff Management

Maintain their attendance and performance on one liwe integrated platform.

Support Tickets

All maintenance requests will have auto support tickets with notifications so management will be able to monitor and serve better.

Compound Security

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Staff Management

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Watch the Walkthrough

An interactive series of videos coming soon.

Smart Tech Solution

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Safety & Security

liwe Your Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is available on both android and iOS for the consumer application but for the condominium management it will be web version which can be accessed from any browser on any device.

It is not a paid application.

No, This is exclusively for owners and residents condominiums registered on the liwe platform, Incase your condominium is not registered on the liwe platform you may approach your condominium management to contact us for seamless onboarding of your condominium.

Once you download the app the onboarding process will seamlessly guide you through all registration formalities.