LIWE to elevate lifestyle of members through Quintessentially Ceylon service partnership

Businesscafe – LIWE Communities Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka’s first comprehensive cloud-based smart communities management platform announced their partnership with Quintessentially Ceylon Pvt Ltd, the world’s leading luxury lifestyle group for exclusive Concierge Services on February 21, 2022, at the LIWE Communities Corporate Offices in Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.

Benefits of Tech-Based Property Management

Imagine getting a bird’s eye view of the operations of the condominium you manage, on a single screen!
It is just one benefit of using a tech based property management system.

Digitizing your lifestyle: It’s much more than the ‘wow’ factor

It is inevitable that we are now linked with the global trends in relation to our personal and professional life. Harmonising our usual day to day lives with the global trends however, could be challenging. Digitizing your style of living with futuristic technology and devices is one way to overcome this challenge.

Why Should You Invest In A Condominium In Sri Lanka?

Are you planning to diversify your investments? Are you contemplating investing in a condominium? If so, while evaluating the returns on your investment, here are some good reasons to go ahead with your decision.

7 Reasons Why Condo Management Should Opt For Liwe Communities

We introduced Liwe communities to you in our last post, and as promised, with more insights we discuss here why condo management should consider partnering up with this platform, which was conceptualized to give solutions to the problems of condominium living.